Canada's Homeschool Directory & Magazines - Testimonials


I enjoy using the 'Resources and Support' section of Canada's Homeschool Guide. I can search by location to find resources close to home or browse by category to find a wide range of information.
- Erika K.

I just love reading the stories and experiences of other homeschoolers. It encourages me, motivates me with ideas I can use, and helps me feel part of a larger movement and purpose. - Alice R.

When I was just starting to get info re: homeschooling, I signed up to the forums that were on your website and have recieved so much useful info and met great people! - Nicole C.

I enjoy reading your articles as it has added to my lesson plans, providing a valuable perspective that sometimes we need to keep the learning interesting. Thank you! - Jennifer G.

A couple years before we actually started homeschooling, I attended an event you sponsored and learned SOO much! Once I discovered the supportive network available, we went ahead with our decision to homeschool. - Billy and Tracy F.

We are a new homeschooling family and I a soooo glad to have found your page via a local suport group! - Melanie H.

We're homeschooling two kids.I just found this . Looking forward to reading your articles etc... - Rebecca R.

I think the magazine is one of the best resources for activities. Every time I read a new issue I find out about something I wouldn't have know about otherwise. This last issue it was the ballet tickets for super great prices. - Jennifer C.

You're one of the few places where I look forward to the advertising as well as the content. Very helpful to see what's available! - Bernie C.