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Do Re Me

Published: 01/15/2010 by Susan Jarema in Learning Resources

Do Re Me

Music is a wonderful learning tool that is motivational, fun and helps with memorization through rhythm, rhyming and repetition.

Learn to Shop, Shop to Learn! Exploring Mathematics

For mathematics, you don’t have to look far to find someplace where you can apply concepts to real life.

“AHA!” Moments

Published: 06/15/2008 by Susan Jarema in Learning Resources

“AHA!” Moments

We’ve all heard the story about the apple falling on Newton’s head and sparking an idea, and the one about Archimedes leaping naked from the bath shrieking “Eureka!” These tales describe exciting discoveries, or “Aha!” moments

The Rule - Pythagorean’s Deck

It’s safe to say that I, nor anyone I know would consider me a carpenter, or even consider me a person with carpentry skills. Sure I can hammer in a nail, and have even screwed drywall to a 2” x 4”. However, the word “Carpenter” is, and should be ass

Found 4 records